The Best Movies Of The 21st Century

If you are willing to watch movies online containing many action-packed sequences and one of the best plots with a lot of drama, you should watch the Malayalam film ‘Shylock’.

Ajay Vasudev directed this Malayalam film, and Joby George produced it. Aneesh Hameed and Bibin Mohan wrote the story and the screenplay. The film features stars like Mammootty as Devan/Boss in the leading role. There were many supporting actors like Raj Kiran as Ayyanar, MeenaDurairaj Lakshmi Ayyanar, Siddique as Felix John, Bibin George as Velmurugan, KalabhavanShajohn as Prathapa Varma, John Vijay as Rangan and many more. GopiSundar gave the music, Renadive did the cinematography, and Riyas K. Badhar did the editing. Goodwill Entertainments did the production, and the distribution was done by Red Sun Art Creations and Goodwill Entertainments.

The film production started in August 2019, and it also had been the debut Malayalam film for the actor Raj Kiran. After working in the film “PasamullaPandiyare” in 1997, Raj Kiran and Meena worked in this film after 23 years. Even Bibin George was asked to help out by playing an important supporting role in the film. It was Girish Menon who had taken responsibility for the art direction of ‘Shylock’. The film was slated for a January 2020 release; however, due to Covid-19, it was also released on AHA and Kuberan after being dubbed into Telugu and Tamil. You can watch Telugu movies online like ‘Shylock’ because it earned an above average star rating from the best film critics and reviewers.

The story is about Boss, a money lender and has provided money to a film producer called Prathapa Varma. However, once you receive the money, Prathapa is not willing to give back the money, and he takes the help of his friend Felix John who is also the Commissioner of police. Boss tries to frighten him by ruining Prathapa’s film and enrages both Prathapa and Felix. To avenge this mockery, Felix throws a fake case at Boss about kidnapping Prathapa Varma’s son. However, with evidence that the son is celebrating Holi in Nagpur, the police are forced to release Boss.

But later on, the son of Prathapa, Aditya, is kidnapped, and there is evidence that he has been killed. At the funeral, Felix and Prathapa Varma discuss that there might be some other reason why Boss had killed his son. The film shows Boss attending a cripple Ayyanar, and the film takes back to a flashback. The film reveals why the Boss had committed this act, although he was not a person to murder someone out of vengeance. You can watch this movie to understand what had happened and how Boss takes real vengeance in real-time.

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