The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers allowed me to obtain a good sound from small and flat objects that can fit in my pocket. This is more convenient compared to obtaining sound from laptops and smartphones. I am able to carry my sound system everywhere i go and bust out jams anytime i want. These speakers work with android, iOS and any Bluetooth enabled devices including desktops and laptops. The best ones utilize both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection which makes them flexible. The best portable Bluetooth speakers have Bluetooth connectivity as the main function. They are also portable with rechargeable batteries as the power source. The best ones are rugged, compact and durable to handle water, dunks, scratches and drops. Lastly, sound quality and connectivity is very paramount when looking for a good speaker. Below are some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers not named Amazon Echo.

ExoXGear EcoCarbon

This is one of the best outdoor audio designs I have ever experienced. It offers a solid audio performance in a super-portable unit. It delivers laudable bass response on tracks with powerful sub-bass. I can always bring my sounds to a pool party since its designed with waterproof features. It comes with a speakerphone functionality, built-in flashlight and ability to charge mobile devices. EcoCarbon weighs only 1.9 pounds. It is 1P68 rated for waterproof and dust proof. This sleek design features rounded corners with rubberized surfaces and grills at the front and on the rear. There are 8-watt drivers behind the front facing grille and he black grille covers a mini sub woofer. Buttons are featured across the top panel. These are meant for power, Bluetooth, volume, track navigation, playback management and LED flashlight. A built-in handle on the right side allowed me to carry the speaker easily. There is also a mount attachment point at the bottom panel. The left of the speaker features a canvas carabiner loop. It comes with a 3.5mm aux input and a micro USB charging port. EcoCarbon’s battery is expected to last 12 hours.


  • Delivers a powerful audio performance for its price
  • Highly waterproof
  • Ability to charge mobile devices
  • Comes with a built-in flashlight
  • Designed with a speakerphone functionality


  • A waterproof designs makes buttons more difficult to operate.

Libratone Zipp Mini

Libratone Zipp Mini is also one of my favorite portable speakers. The black plastic surface and wavy textured pattern gives a cool outlook. This portable speaker delivers a bass-forward and a user-friendly audio experience using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This cylindrical, attractive and powerful model allowed me to expand my sounds with additional speakers. I was able to supply sounds to different rooms without wires. It can be operated with the free Libratone app availed on the user-friendly control panel. This speaker weighs only 2.4 pounds and comes with a strap which allows me to hook it on anything around. Setting up the speaker for Bluetooth connectivity is pretty simple. There is a favorite app that allowed me to select top five streaming stations from the app. The touch interface provides a Hush feature that silences the music by gently placing a hand over the interface. Connectivity is highly enabled with a 3.5mm aux input and a USB port that acts as a wired digital audio input. It comes with a stylish shaped power adapter and a battery that lasts up to 10 hours.


  • Streams audio via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Comes in a stylish and portable design
  • Expandable for multi-room setups
  • Provides a user-friendly control panel and an intuitive app


  • It may irk purists due to a highly sculpted audio and absence of stereo drivers.


Portable Bluetooth speakers provide me with sounds everywhere without wire connections. There are many types of Bluetooth speakers in the market. The above mentioned models are my best. They are portable enough to fit in my pocket. I can also hang and place them at all audible levels. These speakers are easy to use with well placed buttons, user-friendly apps and control panels. The compact constructions withstand shock and keep out water. Audio connectivity is also highly enabled. These models have a long battery life making them perfect for outdoor uses.