Google WiFi VS Netgear Orbi: Battle of Performance & Software

Google WiFi and Netgear Orbi are some of the best WiFi units in the market today. Though the two have a lot in common there are striking differences that you need to know so that you can make an informed choice. Here is a comparison between Google WiFi and Netgear Orbi:

Range & coverage

A set of 3 Google WiFi units can are able to cover 4500 square feet in your home or office. You’ll enjoy uninterrupted network connectivity on all your devices that you will link to your Google WiFi router.

Netgear Orbi covers an area of 5000 square feet in your commercial or residential building. Whether you are in the backyard, your basement, or even the pool area, you’ll surf the internet without any hitches. To make sure there is no network interruption as you move from one place to the other, Orbi uses one WiFi network and the same name all over.


Google WiFi unit is compatible with major internet providers like Comcast, Verizon Fios, and Time Warner. 

Netgear Orbi is made using tri-brand technology that makes it possible to manage multiple networks and devices. There will be no loss of connection or signal interruption in any part of your home or office which makes it very convenient. 


If you’ll be operating multiple devices on your Google WiFi, the network assist features will aid in selecting the clearest network path for each device. This will eliminate the possibility of having dead zones or buffering for all the devices using the network system.

Netgear Orbi has fast and reliable services from where you will be accessing the internet in your home or office. The tri-band technology will also ensure that the internet will be consistent and fast even when you’ve connected to more than one network.

Ease of Use

Google WiFi has an app that you’ll use when setting it up and using the same app, you’ll be able to view every device connected to the WiFi. You can use the app to prioritize the device you want to give special preference when it comes to connectivity and pause network in areas such as the kid’s bedroom when they sleep. It is also possible to set up a password that you’ll issue to your guests at will.

Netgear Orbi has a superior performance and is very easy to install as well. The unit is also very secure that will safeguard your private information against any potential breach, virus, malware, or even network worms.

With Netgear Orbi, it’ll be possible to let your guests use your WiFi without issuing a password. You will create a network connection for the guests separately which will ensure that your private connection is safe. 

Pros and Cons

Netgear Orbi


  • You can create a separate WiFi for your guests which will help to keep your WiFi Credentials private. 
  • Fast connection
  • Easy to set up
  • Can connect to any device in your home or office
  • Can work with multiple internet providers


  • Expensive to install

Google WiFi


  • Fast connection
  • Can work with multiple internet providers
  • You can use multiple routers based on the size of your home or office
  • It has a dedicated app with which you’ll control the entire unit
  • Cheaper compared to Netgear Orbi


  • To install the app, you need to create your Google account which may be too much work for some people.

Which is the Best Between Netgear Orbi and Google WiFi?

If all you want is an uninterrupted internet connection in your home or office, you can opt for either Netgear Orbi or Google WiFi. When looking for the best, however, Netgear Orbi takes the win as it has more advanced features. Though you’ll pay more for it, the additional features will be a great compensation. 

You need an affordable WiFi unit? Go for Google WiFi! You have the final say when it comes to choosing the best WiFi for your home. All you need is to go through the pros and cons as well as the key features and settle for the one that meets your needs. You can never go wrong with either of these amazing devices.