Wallpaper Effects: Your Options Available

Fabric or classic effect wallpaper,on the market you will find an infinite number of types of wallpaper that will respond to all your preferences, whether it is an innovative style, vintage or stone effect. Adapted to today’s standards, the wallpaper will embellish the walls of your bedroom or kitchen.

Each room has its own card

For a living room, we recommend a washable wallpaper singapore; for an entrance or a corridor, a washable card with detergents; in a bathroom, a moisture-resistant wallpaper. The bedroom and study will be covered with the wallpaper of your choice. Nevertheless, even the children’s room will appreciate a resistant and washable paper! Finally, for the kitchen: we don’t want to accuse you of being a bad cook, but remember that a paper resistant to stains and humidity could save you from many unpleasant situations. Do you agree on everything but still undecided? To make the right choice, there are other important aspects to take into consideration, such as the type of paper, its installation method, its resistance to water and light.

What are the different types of wallpaper?

There is more than one wallpaper singapore family. The most common wallpaper, that is actually paper, is the one called non-woven fabric (TNT). The first type differs in the number of layers of paper it contains: a simplex contains only one layer of paper, while a duplex consists of two layers of paper and is therefore more solid. Vinyl is even more resistant as its weight per square meter is more important; moreover, in this case the maintenance is simpler.

The non-woven fabric is made up of textile fibers and there are two types: vinyl and paper. In this case, the glue spreads directly onto the wall and makes laying easier. There is also another type of wallpaper, namely the one to be paintedafter installation it is possible to apply the desired paint directly on the wallpaper. Not to be confused with the fiberglass coating which offers optimum strength but often has raised patterns. On the market you can also find adhesive wallpaper (especially for friezes), stickers and magnetic wallpaper.